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Hemorrhoid Pain Treatment – A Comprehensive Guide for Piles Sufferers That Are Ready to Eliminate the Pain and Discomfort Once and for All!


If you are in search of a hemorrhoid pain treatment, it is quite likely that, as you are reading this, you are suffering from the burning, itching, aching and embarrassing pain that commonly accompanies the development and diagnosis of piles.

I need not delve into the immense discomfort that you so commonly experience. You know that hemorrhoids are the result of swollen blood vessels in and around the rectum. You know that sitting and engaging in other tasks, such as attempting to pass a bowel movement, results in immense pain. You probably even know all about internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. In fact, you may suffer from both.

If you are at your breaking point and need relief NOW, this guide is for you. Here, you will learn about the most effective and quick-working hemorrhoid pain treatment methods currently available.

The Causes of Piles

By this point in your suffering, you have probably been given a good idea of what potentially led to the development of your hemorrhoids; however, I do feel that it is a good idea to reiterate the potential causes of the condition here. By having some sort of idea of why you have developed piles, it may be easier to uncover a hemorrhoid pain relief strategy that will be most effective for your unique needs. Generally speaking, the veins that are located in and around the anal region have a natural tendency to stretch when exposed to pressure. When this happens, the veins may start to swell and bulge out in an inappropriate manner. There are numerous reasons why pressure may develop in and around the rectum:

  • In many instances, straining while attempting to complete a bowel movement will increase the pressure of the region and cause the veins to swell; therefore, resulting in the onset of piles.
  • Being overweight and/or considerably obese will enhance pressure around the buttocks.
  • Pregnancy has the ability to not only increase a woman’s body weight but, also has the ability to put undue pressure around the rectum region.
  • Sitting for a prolonged period of time – especially on the toilet – is a common cause of hemorrhoids.
  • If gastrointestinal complications, such as long-term diarrhea or chronic constipation occur, piles will likely develop.
  • A diet that includes only small traces of fiber could result in the development of hemorrhoids.
  • It has been established that as a person ages, the tissues that provide support to the veins in and around the rectum will weaken. Naturally, this could result in the onset of piles.

Learn more about piles in great detail at Piles Info Center and check out this page for a natural treatment for hemorrhoids.

Home Remedies for Pain Relief

There are numerous options for treating the pain and discomfort associated with piles. To start with, we will examine several of the most popular home remedies for pain relief. Not only do these remedies outline measures that may be taken to eliminate your discomfort, but, they also include a few lifestyle changes that may prove to be exceptionally beneficial in getting the pain to stop – once and for all:

  1. The first step to eliminating the hemorrhoid pain in which you suffer is to ensure that you keep the anal region of the body completely clean. This means that you should bathe or shower at least once a day. Warm water should be used around the area. If possible, avoid using soaps or wipes that contain perfume as this could result in more pain.
  2. Next, you should opt to use either wipes or toilet paper that is non-perfumed and moistened after a bowel movement. The commonly-used dry toilet paper could result in irritation.
  3. If you have severe pain, you should sit in a warm bath. It is advised that you engage in this activity at least twice daily.
  4. The next home remedy to alleviate pain is to obtain a sitz bath at your local drugstore and use it by placing it on a toilet and sitting for a few minutes at a time.
  5. If your anus is extremely swollen, you may place an ice pack or a cold compress on the area for a few minutes at a time to aid in reducing inflammation.

Over-the-Counter Treatments

There is, currently, an abundance of over-the-counter hemorrhoid treatments. If you want to get rid of your pain, you may try one or more of these treatments; however, it is advised that you first consult with your doctor to ensure that it is an appropriate course of action for you:

  1. If you have a lot of pain and discomfort, you may take acetaminophen; however, this medication is known to result in liver damage. As a result of this fact, it is important that you take it according to the instructions on the label.
  2. One of the most common issues that result in piles pain is inflammation. If this is the case, you should opt for an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, such as those that contain ibuprofen. If you suffer from a bleeding disorder or stomach problems – such as ulcers – this may not be a sound solution for your health needs. Doctor approval should be approved first, in these instances.
  3. Finally, there are many over-the-counter topical treatments that are designed to reduce the pain associated with hemorrhoids. You should only use those that state that they may be used safely on hemorrhoids such as hemorrhoid creams, anal suppositories for piles, medications that contain hydrocortisone or pads that are for the anal region that contain either witch hazel or a medication that is designed to numb the area.

Medical Procedures

The final course of action for treatment hemorrhoids are medical procedures. There are minimally-invasive procedures and surgical procedures that aid in combatting pain or eliminating the persistent bleeding that may be related to your condition. For the purpose and intent of this guide, we will outline the names of these procedures. If necessary, your doctor will recommend these options and explain, in detail, that which is involved with each:

  • Simple Incision
  • Rubber Band Ligation
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Coagulation
  • Hemorrhoid Stapling
  • Hemorrhoid Removal


As you can see, you have a wide variety of options at your disposal when it comes to hemorrhoid pain relief treatments. There are home remedies, lifestyle changes, and over-the-counter medications. Then, there are prescriptions. We did not outline the prescriptions in this guide as they are nothing more than stronger medications, creams, and numbing agents that are available over-the-counter. Additionally, there are many surgical procedures that may aid in optimizing your comfort. The goal should be to determine the underlying cause of the piles and to take steps to correct that issue; however, while working on the underlying cause, the treatments outlined in this guide will help you to get rid of the pain and discomfort associated with the condition.

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